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WOCA Deck Oil – The Natural Choice

WOCA Deck Oil exclusively carries WOCA Exterior products, so we have the largest selection of outdoor WOCA products.   All of our products are environmentally friendly, VOC Free, non-toxic, plant based, high-quality, professional wood care products. Given that outdoor surfaces are subject to the harsh elements, it is important to protect them so that they’ll remain strong.  With this in mind, WOCA products were developed to protect, preserve and enhance the beauty of exterior wood.  When WOCA Exterior Oil is applied it penetrates into the wood.  As a result wood becomes stronger from the inside out.  In other words, your deck will provide you with enjoyment all year long.

For deck cleaning and other outdoor surface protection, check out our easy to use maintenance products. With the right products and maintenance, all of your outdoor wood will be beautiful for years to come.

Why choose WOCA Exterior Products?

WOCA Deck Oil products are naturally number one
  • WOCA Oil is easy to apply.  In just one coat, you’ll have a professional oil finish.
  • Our deck oil penetrates deep into the wood, therefore, wood becomes stronger and harder.
  • Outdoor wood is protected from harmful UV-Rays and water.
  • Colors can be mixed to create a unique custom color.
  • WOCA products are manufactured in Denmark.  As a result they are guaranteed 100% Danish quality.
  • Trusted and recommended by professionals around the world.
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A professional finish prolongs the durability of exterior wood

Protect your outdoor wood surfaces from outdoor influences, such as sunlight, rain, humidity and fluctuating temperatures, with WOCA Exterior products.
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