Deck Oil

WOCA Exterior Deck Oil

Beautiful Oil Finish – In just one natural coat

  • UV Protection

  • Water Resistant

  • Prevents Mold & Fungus

  • 13 Beautiful Colors

  • Deep Penetrating Oil

  • One Coat Application

  • Fast Drying

  • Hard Wearing Surface

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WOCA Exterior Oil - Naturally Number 1

WOCA Exterior Oil – One Coat Application – Beautiful Oil Finish

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WOCA Exterior Oil is an oil-based natural wood finish. It is specifically formulated to protect and preserve the natural beauty of exterior wood and decks. WOCA Exterior Oil penetrates deep into the wood.  The oil then hardens from the inside, leaving the wood stronger and conditioned.  As a result, wood is left with a beautiful oil finish, and is protected from the harsh outdoor elements.  WOCA Exterior Oil provides exceptional results in just one coat.  It can be used on exotic hardwoods, as well as on traditional wood species such as pine or larch. One coat WOCA Exterior Oil is Naturally Number 1™.

Woca exterior oil finish

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WOCA Deck Oil Benefits

WOCA Deck Oil can be used on any type of wood.  Our exterior oil penetrates deeply into the wood grain where it hardens on the inside. Wood is left stronger and more resilient.  WOCA Deck Oil provides UV protection, and a water resistant, breathable finish.  The water based oil formula is quick drying, making it easy to apply.  Your deck will be easy to maintain as a result of the breathable, mold and resistant finish.  If your deck becomes scratched or damaged, it can be spot repaired.  WOCA Exterior Oil is made of natural ingredients that are environmentally friendly and VOC free.  Therefore, your surrounding plants will be left unharmed as well as your loved ones.

Surface Treatments vs. Penetrating Oil Treatments

Most other deck finishing products, like polyurethane coat the wood surface.   Wood is left with a layer of plastic on top.  Since these surface treatments can crack and peel, your deck may need additional treatment after just a short time.  Surface treatments require stripping and or sanding before applying another layer of protection.  With WOCA Exterior Oil, your outdoor wood will remain beautiful for years to come.  It will never blister or crack from the sun or from moisture.  If your deck is left to discolor to a silver patina, it can easily be restored to a natural oil finish, without the back breaking work of sanding or stripping.   And the best part is, it only requires ONE COAT!

Professional Deck Finish – Easy enough for anyone

Professional deck builders choose WOCA Exterior Oil because they know that it will keep their customers deck beautiful, well nourished and protected for many years.  WOCA’s specially formulated water based oil is easy to apply, quick drying and leaves your deck with a superior finish.  Any homeowner can create a professional, long lasting finish with WOCA Exterior Oil. Why would you choose anything else?

Penetrative Oil Finish – One Coat – Naturally Beautiful

Deck Oil Colors

WOCA Exterior Oil comes in 13 beautiful colors that enhance the natural color and grain of the wood.  All varieties contain UV protection and are water repellent.    For enhancing the natural color of the wood, we recommend using WOCA Exterior Oil Natural.  If you are rejuvenating old wood surfaces, choose one of the pigmented oils.  They work to recreate the original color of the wood. If you would like to change the color of your wood, choose one of the available colors, such as grey, anthracite or black.

WOCA’s Exterior Oil is made of a special water-based composition of oil components.  This special formula ensures that the deck oil is water-dilutable and friendly to the environment.

All of WOCA’s deck oils can be custom mixed to create a unique custom finish.  Before beginning your project, we recommend using our color oil testers to help you find the perfect oil finish for your deck or other outdoor wood.  They are available for just $13.75 and come with free shipping.

WOCA Oil Anthracite grey exterior oil. UV Protection and water repellant in one coat.

Anthracite Grey

Bangkirai - Woca deck oil


Black - Woca deck oil


Grey - Woca deck oil


Larch - WOCA Exterior Oil


Natural Finish - Woca deck oil


Olive - Woca deck oil


Red Brown - Woca deck oil

Red Brown

Silver - WOCA Exterior Oil


Spruce Finish - Woca deck oil


Teak - Woca deck oil


Walnut - Woca deck oil


White - WOCA Exterior Oil


Easy Application – Beautiful Oil Finish in just 3 steps

Prepare the deck by cleaning before applying WOCA Exterior Oil

Step 1 :  Clean the surface

Apply WOCA Deck Oil using a brush, roller, or oil applicator.

Step 2 :  Apply deck oil

Remove excess deck oil after application.

Step 3 :  Wipe off excess oil

WOCA Exterior Deck Cleaner
Prepare Your Wood Surface: It is important to clean the wood surface of any mold, mildew and dirt before applying a oil finish.  The wood surface must then be completely dry before the deck oil application.  The quality of your deck oil finish could be impacted if you do not properly prepare the wood surface.Clean the wood using WOCA Exterior Cleaner

  1. Soak the wood with water. Use a garden hose if possible.
  2. Mix Exterior Cleaner with water in the ratio 1:2.
  3. Apply the exterior cleaner with a nylon brush or spray.  *For extremely dirty surfaces, WOCA Exterior Cleaner can be used undiluted.
  4. Scrub the soaked wood along the grain until it appears clean.
  5. Repeat the cleaning if necessary.
  6. Rinse the surface thoroughly with water immediately after cleaning.
  7. Leave the wood to dry for at least 24 hours.  The humidity of the wood should not be above 17%.
  8. Sand down any rough wood fibers with sandpaper, grit 120.

WOCA Deck Oil must be applied in dry weather only. The minimum temperature should be 55.4°F. Avoid applying in direct sunlight and high temperatures, as this may cause the oil to dry to quickly during application. For fast even application, try our oil applicator.
Danish quality deck oil from WOCA

  1. Stir the oil thoroughly before use.
  2. Apply an even and thin coat of oil using a brush or using the WOCA Oil Applicator. Treat the end grain wood first. The wet oil may have a white shade. When the water has evaporated after a few minutes, the wood will appear oiled.
  3. Wipe off any excess oil with clean cotton cloths after no more than 5 minutes. Take particular care of removing excess oil from joints and grooves.
  4. If the surface does not appear saturated with oil, repeat steps 2 and 3.
  5. When the wood is dry, it may be polished with a polishing pad or polishing machine to ensure an extra hard-wearing surface.
  6. It takes 24 to 48 hours for the oil to harden thoroughly, depending on weather conditions and outdoor temperature. During this hardening period, the wood must not be exposed to water.

Cleanup & Disposal: Wash rollers, brushes, and equipment, with water.   Be sure to let air dry out of direct sunlight before disposal. Dispose of empty containers or unused oil finish in accordance with local, state and federal guidelines. Always keep the oil container closed when not in use. Soak application rags,  cloths, or any other materials in water immediately after use and disposed of in a tightly closed container to prevent spontaneous combustion.


Risk of self-ignition! Due to the risk of self-ignition it is important that sanding dust and oil wetted cloths are soaked in water and disposed of in a tightly closed
container after use.  Dispose the container in accordance to local regulations.

Deck surfaces can be cleaned using WOCA Exterior Cleaner to remove any green growth or dirt.  WOCA Exterior Cleaner will not harm surrounding vegetation.  Reapply WOCA Exterior Oil as needed.  The wood is easily maintained and is spot repairable if scratched.  No sanding or stripping is necessary between coats.

 How to use WOCA Deck Oil – Video