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Enhance Outdoor Space

Enhance Outdoor Space

Your home doesn’t have to end at the doorway.  Your deck should be a continuation of your home and enhance the outdoor space.  Your outdoor space should be a place where you can enjoy nature and your family while gathering for a meal or watching the sun go down.   WOCA products will protect strengthen and enhance outdoor space so that it will remain beautiful and last a lifetime.

Exterior Oil from WOCA

Whether it’s your homes exterior, wooden decking, outdoor furniture, or even your children’s playhouse, Exterior Oil from WOCA will help your wood weather the elements.  WOCA Exterior Oil penetrates the wood to harden and strengthen the wood.  It provides UV protection and repels water. Whether new or previously oiled, WOCA’s high quality, ecologically friendly, VOC Free, Exterior Oil will bring new life to old projects and long life to all outdoor wood and enhance outdoor space.

Enhance outdoor space
  • Water-based and fast drying.
  • Hard-wearing surface provides long-term durability
  • UV protection prevents fading and discoloration.
  • Mold and Fungus prevention resists moisture and decay.
  • Water dilutable and friendly to the environment.
  • Strong water and dirt repellent surface
  • Easy & Efficient, our oil’s special consistency makes it easy and efficient to use.

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