Spring Cleaning: Keeping a Clean Deck

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Spring Cleaning: Keeping a Clean Deck

Winter is drawing to a close and our daydreams of soaking up the sun, firing up that new grill, and enjoying a cool beverage in the shade will soon be a reality. Here are a few tips that will help you prepare your deck for spring and maintain its beauty for years to come.

Winter Wear

Although decks tend to get little to no use during the winter, almost all the substantial damage to the wood occurs during these cold and often harsh months. Common problems associated with winter conditions included: Mildew, green growth, rot, and occasional structural damage. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered!

WOCA’s effective, elegant, and user-friendly products are scientifically designed to protect and preserve your deck, naturally.

Mildew and Mold Removal

Although they may seem harmless, things like mold, algae, and green growth are natural enemies of any clean deck. Aside from making the deck slippery and unattractive, they can also be very damaging to the wood itself.

Clean deck from fungus

Green growth forms due to the accumulation of moisture and dirt on the deck over time. This growth traps moisture inside the wood, consequentially causing decay and creating an ideal environment for fungus to grow.

Spotting decay is relatively simple. Look for discoloration, soft spots and splintering in the wood, and build up of green growth. Thanks to the experts at WOCA, it’s now nearly as easy to keep a clean deck.

Our first instincts may be to grab the bleach and scrub away, but this is not only ineffective, it is harmful. Due to its caustic nature, bleach will cause damage to nearby plants, paint, siding, and outdoor walkways.

Similarly, pressure washing will yield a clean deck, but it will bring with it damage to the fibers in the wood and open up risk to accumulation of growth, structural damage, and further decay. WOCA Exterior Cleaner ensures the beauty and life of your deck at no risk to your home, yard, or family.

Using WOCA Exterior Cleaner

WOCA Exterior Cleaner makes removing green growth and other dirt buildup from your deck easy. Using an environmentally friendly formula, Exterior Cleaner cuts through moss, algae, and scum build ups, cleaning the wood surface and creating a barrier to prevent resettlement.

After ensuring a naturally clean deck with Exterior Cleaner, be sure repair any areas with minor decay yourself or hire a contractor. As always, it is important to be aware of any state or region specific codes applying to deck construction. Most decay won’t pose life-threatening harm to your deck, but decay around structural and connection areas should be assessed by an expert.

Lastly, you are ready to preserve and protect your wood with WOCA Exterior Oil, a one-coat penetrating oil treatment. Step by step instructions for using WOCA Exterior Cleaner are available in the tabs below.

WOCA Exterior Oil – One Step Application

WOCA Exterior Oil is a deep penetrating oil-based natural wood finish. Made of natural VOC free ingredients, the oil hardens wood from the outside, leaving it stronger and conditioned. The resulting finish provides UV protection, is water and mold resistant, and is breathable, ensuring a long lasting beautiful and clean deck. Its water based formula is quick drying and can by applied in one coat. Exterior oil is to be used on exotic hardwoods, as well as on traditional wood species such as pine or larch.

Learn more about maintaining a naturally gorgeous and clean deck below:

WOCA Exterior Deck Cleaner
Prepare Your Wood Surface: It is important to clean the wood surface of any mold, mildew and dirt before applying a oil finish. The wood surface must then be completely dry before the deck oil application. The quality of your deck oil finish could be impacted if you do not properly prepare the wood surface.Clean the wood using WOCA Exterior Cleaner

  1. Soak the wood with water. Use a garden hose if possible.
  2. Mix Exterior Cleaner with water in the ratio 1:2.
  3. Apply the exterior cleaner with a nylon brush or spray.  *For extremely dirty surfaces, WOCA Exterior Cleaner can be used undiluted.
  4. Scrub the soaked wood along the grain until it appears clean.
  5. Repeat the cleaning if necessary.
  6. Rinse the surface thoroughly with water immediately after cleaning.
  7. Leave the wood to dry for at least 24 hours.  The humidity of the wood should not be above 17%.
  8. Lastly, sand down any rough wood fibers with sandpaper, grit 120.

WOCA Deck Oil must be applied in dry weather only. The minimum temperature should be 55.4°F. Avoid applying in direct sunlight and high temperatures, as this may cause the oil to dry to quickly during application. For fast even application, try our oil applicator.
Danish quality deck oil from WOCA

  1. Stir the oil thoroughly before use.
  2. Apply an even and thin coat of oil using a brush or using the WOCA Oil Applicator. Treat the end grain wood first. The wet oil may have a white shade. When the water has evaporated after a few minutes, the wood will appear oiled.
  3. Wipe off any excess oil with clean cotton cloths after no more than 5 minutes. Take particular care of removing excess oil from joints and grooves.
  4. If the surface does not appear saturated with oil, repeat steps 2 and 3.
  5. Polish wood when dry with a polishing pad or polishing machine to ensure an extra hard-wearing surface.
  6. It takes 24 to 48 hours for the oil to harden thoroughly, depending on weather conditions and outdoor temperature. Do not expose wood to water during hardening period.

Cleanup & Disposal: Wash rollers, brushes, and equipment, with water.   Be sure to let air dry out of direct sunlight before disposal. Dispose of empty containers or unused oil finish in accordance with local, state and federal guidelines. Always keep the oil container closed when not in use. Soak application rags,  cloths, or any other materials in water immediately after use and disposed of in a tightly closed container to prevent spontaneous combustion.


Risk of self-ignition! Oil is flammable. Soak all sanding dust and oil wetted cloths in water after use and dispose of in a tightly closed container. Please dispose container in accordance with local regulations.

Clean deck surfaces using WOCA Exterior Cleaner to remove any green growth or dirt.  WOCA Exterior Cleaner will not harm surrounding vegetation.  Reapply WOCA Exterior Oil as needed. Maintenance is easy and scratched wood is spot repairable. No sanding or stripping is necessary between coats.