Preserving Outdoor Wood

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Preserving Outdoor Wood

Preserving Outdoor Wood

Preserving outdoor wood is necessary if you want it to last.  Regular cleaning and finishing will keep your wood protected and keep it looking beautiful for many years to come.

Removing mold, algae and green growth from wooden decking.

Preserve wooden deckingWhen preserving outdoor wood, it is vital to remove green growth.  Mold, algae and green growth can be very damaging to your deck.  The green growth keeps moisture trapped in the wood.  This causes fungus and decay.   A wooden deck with green growth can be extremely slippery.  Use extra caution when walking on a wooden deck with green growth in damp weather.

Recommendation: A thorough cleaning with WOCA Exterior Cleaner will effectively remove all dirt and green growth from the surface.  After cleaning protect your wood with a penetrating oil treatment, using one coat WOCA Exterior Oil.

Preserving outdoor wood garden furniture

Preserving outdoor wood furniturePreserving outdoor wood garden furniture requires cleaning and protective oil treatments.  Outdoor furniture must always be cleaned before an oil treatment.  Even if the furniture is new, it must be cleaned prior to oil finishing.  Cleaning the wood removes invisible fungus and prepares the wood for a protecting oil finish.

Do not clean the furniture on a wooden surface or stones.  It can leave stains.

Recommendation: It is a good idea to clean oiled wood with WOCA Exterior Cleaner carefully throughout the season.  This  prevents dirt and green growth from damaging the actual oil finish.

Why using a pressure washer on your deck is not a good idea

It may seem like a fast easy solution to use a pressure washer on your wooden deck, but it will do more harm than good. High pressured cleaners can damage the fibers in the wood which causes an uneven surface.  An uneven surface will attract more dirt and green growth compared to the original surface. Using a high-pressure cleaner will also moisten the wood to such an extent that the risk of fungus and decay increases.  Fungus and decay will shorten the lifetime of the wood.

Outdoor wood maintenance and cleaning

Cleaning and protecting outdoor furniture made of PVC, Steel, Poly-Rattan and other materials

Preserve your outdoor furniture using Woca Multi Cleaner

Many people don’t realize that garden furniture made of poly rattan, wood, steel, PVC, etc. can be renewed.  Even if the furniture is several years old it can be cleaned and refreshed.  Adding weather protection and shine to old furniture is simple with these easy to use eco-friendly products.

Remove dirt and grease easily with WOCA Multi Cleaner.  Add weather protection and a fresh shine to the surface with WOCA Multi protector.


Rejuvenate your old, weather-beaten garden furniture

Restoring old patio furnitureFor restoring old weather-beaten wooden patio furniture you only need one product: WOCA Deep Cleaner. WOCA’s Deep Cleaner is a combination of two products (Deep Cleaner A and B) in one easy to use spray. The thick, jelly-like texture makes it very easy to apply and work with.  It effectively dissolves and removes green growth, discoloration and paint- or oil residues. The quick and easy work process can be described with four easy steps:

  1. Rinse
  2. Spray
  3. Scrub
  4. Rinse

Recommendation: Finish the restored garden furniture with WOCA Exterior Oil to ensure maximum protection and long lasting durability.

Before oil treating your outdoor wood remember these rules

Preserve your outdoor woods finish with Woca
  • The wood must be completely dry
  • Temperature between 59-77°F
  • A humidity level below 80%
  • Application in dry weather only
  • Avoid direct sunlight

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