Pressure Washers vs WOCA Exterior Cleaner

//Pressure Washers vs WOCA Exterior Cleaner

Pressure Washers vs WOCA Exterior Cleaner

Under Pressure

While a pressure washer may appear to be the fastest and most effective solution to removing build-up from your deck, it will harm the deck and possibly you in the process.

The Dangers of Pressure Washers

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, An estimated 6057 people were sent to the emergency room in 2014 because of pressure washer related injuries. As injuries continue, Consumer Reports has issued a safety alert, demanding manufacturers and retailers stop providing pressure washers with zero-degree nozzles or wands. Here is a video courtesy of Good Morning America: On the Look Out briefly illustrating the dangers (to users) and pressure levels of pressure washers.

man illustrating the dangers of pressure washers

In addition to damaging you, the intense pressure will also damage the wood your working on. The high pressure spray can damage fibers in the wood, causing an uneven surface and attracting dirt and slippery green growth. In addition, the spray often penetrates the wood, moistening it and providing an environment ripe for fungus growth and decay. As these processes progress, the wood’s lifetime and natural beauty significantly decreases.

A Safe Solution

We at WOCA Deck Oil have an environmentally friendly, easy to use solution to wood maintenance that may save your deck (and your skin). WOCA Exterior Cleaner is incredibly effective in treating dirt and green growth on outdoor wood surfaces. Not only will it remove build up, it will also protect the wood from resettlement.

Enjoy Homestyle Green’s brief demo of our Exterior Cleaner’s capabilities below:

A deck treated with WOCA Exterior Cleaner instead of pressure washers

Learn More

Watch the video below for more detailed information and instructions for using WOCA Exterior Cleaner.

Happy home improvement. Be safe out there.