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Woca Deck Oil guarantees our products to be free from defects and will provide a lifetime of service as long as they are applied, maintained and cared for in full accordance with instructions published on our website www.wocadeckoil.com and any other company approved and published information sheets.

Woca Deck Oil is a natural oil finish allowing the natural beauty of the wood to show while providing excellent protection to the wood surface. Woca Deck Oil floors will achieve a foot-worn look over time. Scuffs, scrapes, and accumulated character marks are an inherent feature of this floor finish; however the original appearance can be easily maintained by following the instructions on our website.


Use, care, maintenance or rejuvenation of our finish with any product other than those approved by Wocadirect voids our guarantee. Damage caused by abuse, saturation (any liquids) or delayed maintenance voids our guarantee.


In the unlikely event of a claim under this guarantee, Woca Deck Oil or its designated inspectors have the right to conduct inspections of the finish in question. Woca Deck Oil and the customer agree to be bound by the decision of the independent inspector.

Non-Transfer and Exclusions

This guarantee applies only to the original purchaser and is not transferable. There are no other guarantees, expressed or implied, including merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, other than those listed within this guarantee. No retailer, installer, dealer, distributor, manufacturer, agent or employee has the authority to increase the scope or alter the terms or coverage of this guarantee.

Under no circumstances shall Woca Deck Oil be liable or in any manner responsible for any claim, loss or damage arising from the purchase, use or inability to use its products or from any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, regardless of theory, including, without limitation, punitive or exculpatory damages or attorney’s fees.

Please note that evidence of the purchase date and identity of the original purchaser is a condition for guarantee coverage and we strongly recommend that you keep it, together with our maintenance and care sheets, in a safe place.