How To Use WOCA Deep Cleaner

//How To Use WOCA Deep Cleaner

How To Use WOCA Deep Cleaner


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How To

How To Use WOCA Deep Cleaner – Easy Application

  1. Soak the wood with plenty of water. Use a garden hose if possible.
  2. Apply Deep Cleaner in an even layer and leave it to be absorbed for 3-5 minutes.
  3. Use a hard or nylon brush, scrubbing the wood “wet-on-wet” to remove dirt.
  4. Hose down with plenty of water.
  5. Leave the wood to dry – approx. 24 hours. Before applying oil treatment, make sure the wood is completely dry. Remove standing fibers with sandpaper.
  6. Finish the clean and dry surface with WOCA Exterior Oil.


Product Details

Use WOCA Deep Cleaner

WOCA Deep Cleaner is for the cleaning of all wooden garden furniture. It effectively removes Heavy dirt, green growth and weather-beaten oil residues. Be aware of the risk of corrosion of e.g. furniture fittings. Not suitable for furniture in oak or rotten wood.

Technical Info

Product properties
Declaration: <5% anionic surfactants.
Coverage: Depends on the wood type, its condition and age.
Application tools: Brush.
Disposal: Empty containers and residues should be disposed of according to local regulations.
Storage: Cool, but frost-proof.

Materials Needed

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