How To Use WOCA Outdoor Wood Primer

//How To Use WOCA Outdoor Wood Primer

How To Use WOCA Outdoor Wood Primer

WOCA Outdoor Wood Primer improves adhesion and durability in outdoor wood. It is a water based product to be used on outdoor wood like fences, windows, siding etc. WOCA Primer is recommended primarily for non-pressure treated softwood species such as; pine, larch, spruce, oak and old pressure treated wood (except red cedar). Treat pressure-treated wood and hardwood directly with WOCA Exterior Oil or Multi Protector.

Use WOCA Outdoor Wood Primer
Use WOCA Outdoor Wood Primer
  1. Apply only in dry weather and at temperature over 62˚F. Avoid heat and direct sunlight. Because water affects primer, moisture content of the wood should not exceed 17% when applying outdoor wood primer.
  2. The wood must be clean and completely dry. Prime new woodwork as soon as possible. Remove previous any applications from old woodwork. Clean with WOCA Exterior Cleaner and leave the wood to dry for at least 24 hours. The wood must be completely dry before continuing.
  3. Apply WOCA Wood Primer with brush or paint roller. Begin with the end grain of the wood – from below and upwards. Apply in full length to avoid overlaps.
  4. Leave the Primer to dry for approximately 24 hours before application of WOCA Exterior Oil.
  5. Clean tools with warm water.

*Note It is necessary to protect wood with one of the WOCA outdoor finishing products.


Materials Needed

WOCA Outdoor Wood Primer Technical Information

Product properties
pH-value: 8
Declaration: Water, vegetable oil components. Contains propiconazole.
Form: Liquid
Flash point: 100
Density: 1
Viscosity: 12-15 mm2/sek
Coverage: 8-10 m2/l
Colors: Colorless
Odor: Faint
Application tools: Brush or paint roller
Cleaning of tools: Clean tools with water and soap.
Disposal: Empty containers and residues to be disposed of according to local regulations.
Storage: Store safely, out of reach of children Do not expose to heat (e.g. sunlight). Store frost-free.

Download WOCA Outdoor Wood Primer Instructions and Safety Information

Outdoor Wood Primer Instructions
Outdoor Wood Primer Safety Sheet