How To Use WOCA Exterior Gel

//How To Use WOCA Exterior Gel

How To Use WOCA Exterior Gel

How To

How To Use WOCA Exterior Gel

  1. Clean the surface thoroughly with WOCA Exterior Cleaner; see working instructions of the WOCA Exterior Cleaner, and let it dry for at least 8 hours until the surface is completely dry. In case of grain rising, we would advise the surface is de-nibed (remove any sanding dust from the surface).
  2. Spread a suitable layer of gel in an even thin coat with a polishing pad (white, beige or red).
  3. Continue polishing until the wood appears saturated and the surface looks uniform. We recommend working in sections because the gel dries quickly.
  4. Wipe off any excess gel from the polished surface carefully with a dry lint-free cloth before continuing to next area. The surface should not appear wet and there should not be any excess gel left on the surface after polishing.
  5. If wood does not appear completely saturated after 4-6 hours, try re-polishing using the same method with a smaller amount of gel. Let wood dry for 4-6 hours, using cautiously afterward. Avoid exposing to water during the first 2-3 days if possible.

Product Details

Use WOCA Exterior Gel

WOCA Exterior Gel is for refreshing of previously oil treated wood surfaces. The gel is effective, quick- drying and enhances the natural grain structure of the wood and color and gives a resistant and strong surface.

WOCA Exterior Gel Technical Information

Product properties
Declaration: Vegetable oil components, isoparaffin, pigments (white). Contains Propiconazole May produce an allergic reaction.
Form: Liquid.
Density: 0,9-1
Coverage: 6-12 m2/400 ml.
Colors: Natural and teak.
Odor: Faint.
Application tools: Cotton cloths and polishing pads.
Disposal: Empty containers and residues to be disposed of according to local regulations.
Storage: Store safely, out of reach of children. Do not expose to heat (e.g. sunlight). Store frost-free.

Materials Needed

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