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Maintaining Wooden Decking

Wood decks needs care and maintenance in order to stay beautiful and well-protected for many years. This how to-guide describes how to clean and oil a wooden deck.  With proper wood care, your deck will be a place where you can enjoy your surroundings and relax for years to come.

How To Guide
Deck maintenance and wood care guide from Woca

Preserving Outdoor Wood

Preserve your outdoor decks and wood furniture with Woca products.

Outdoor wood, such as furniture, decking and fences, are constantly exposed to wear and tear and weather damage.  Wood needs to be protected in order to stay beautiful and last longer.  Rejuvenate old weather beaten garden furniture, clean PVC or poly rattan furniture and preserve your wood to maintain it’s beautiful finish using WOCA wood care products.

How To Guide

Removing Mildew and Mold from Wooden Decking

If your deck is slippery, a thorough cleaning is necessary to remove the mold and mildew.  WOCA Exterior Cleaner will remove green growth and prepare the surface for sealing and preserving.  This how to guide will show you how to keep your deck protected and  beautiful.

How To Guide
WOCA Exterior Cleaner removes mold and mildew, to care for your wood.